The MDZ Shield is an affordable one-piece BASF polyurethane shield that encloses the upper wheel well opening and covers the gap in front of the right rear wheels.

The MDZ Shield consists of a roughly 1/4"-thick wheel skirt and cantilevered spoiler, all in one piece. It sits approximately four inches from the ground, permitting flexibility on impact.

It is attached by three mounting brackets around the wheel well opening, lessensing material and labor costs, and allowing for easy wheel removal.

The MDZ Shield has been tested by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers for durability and safety performance, and will be certified by State Highway Patrols in states where it is installed.



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U.S. Patented / Worldwide Patents Pending

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Minimize Danger Zone

Archaic body design, with 2 foot danger zone gap.

MDZ Shield produced with high-performance BASF urethane.

New MDZ Side Spoiler Shield

with injection molded urethane.

First generation MDZ Shield polyurethane Floor Beam Mount with 4 inches of clearance.